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Sammis & Dickerson’s boat building shop burned - The fire raged out of control for over an hour between one and two in the morning on Sunday, December 16, 1900. Firemen raced their apparatus down the east side of Huntington Harbor until the location of the flames on the harbor’s west side came into view in an area just below the lumber yard of W. Wilton Wood. By the time hose streams were moved into position, the building’s contents were damaged beyond salvage. The Sammis & Dickerson fire was the first of several fires in December 1900 that underscored the need for local fire protection in what was known as the “"Harbor Area"”.

To deal with fires in what was a relatively remote part of Huntington, the “"Harbor Fire Brigade”" was formed. An informal group of residents who took firefighting into their own hands. In many cases these residents knew first hand the devastating effects of fire. Although ill equipped and only minimally organized, the “Harbor Fire Brigade” was an early forerunner of the Halesite Fire Department.

By the close of 1900, the need for formal fire protection in the harbor area was apparent. Huntington (1843), Cold Spring Harbor (1852), Northport (1891) and Centerport (1898) each had its own fire department. A December 28, 1900 editorial in The Long Islander now called for a "separate truck and hose apparatus on the east side of Huntington Harbor."

In response to the growing need for local fire protection, early organizational meetings were held by a small group of residents at the Archer Hotel and Bloxom'’s store. A key figure and driving force at these meetings was Abraham Field. Field was a long serving Chief of the Huntington Fire Department and much beloved member of the community. Without his involvement, backing, generosity and advice, the Halesite Fire Department might not have been formed. As word spread about the formation of a new fire department, many nearby residents pledged their support.

Throughout its existence, the Halesite Fire Department has exhibited a sentiment of self-sacrifice expressed timelessly by Nathan Hale in his famous quote, "“I regret that I have but one life to leave for my country."” Over the years Halesite’s members have been patriots in different ways. They have served in the armed forces; been partners in our local civil defense; and served on the front lines in today’s War on Terror.

Over the next 100 years some of America’s most memorable milestones will again interconnect with Halesite’s history, continuing the process of weaving our fire department, and the contributions from those within it—, into the fabric of Huntington.




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