Being there to support a family member, neighbor, and local community, is what being a volunteer firefighter is all about.
Bill Elletto
Firefighter, Engine Co.


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Halesite Fire Department's Junior Firefighter program is a unique organization specifically designed for teenagers ages 14 - 17 interested in gaining technical and life skills not otherwise available to them. Halesite's Juniors work with certified Program Advisors to develop teamwork, leadership, confidence, responsibility and the ability to stay calm in an emergency situation. These skills will be developed through training drills, coaching, the example set by senior members, and other Department and program activities.


  • Juniors must be in the seventh grade.
  • New members must reside in the Halesite Fire District or, with the consent of the Chief, in a neighboring district.
  • Juniors must obey the rules of the Halesite Fire District and the By-Laws of the Juniors Program.
  • Juniors will take responsibility for the duties assigned to them by a Junior officer, Advisor, or other Halesite personnel designated to supervise a Junior Program activity.
  • Juniors must attend at least 50% of the meetings, training drills, and sanctioned activities to stay in good standing.
  • School grades must be maintained at a level set by the Chief; generally at least 75%.
  • Parents will accompany the Junior to their first meeting where they are sworn in.
  • Juniors will NEVER respond to the scene of an incident.
  • Juniors will only ride on fire apparatus under non-emergency conditions (e.g. parades) and must wear seat belts.
  • Juniors are expected to complete Core and Advanced skills and will receive certifications for these accomplishments.
  • Juniors are expected to act in a manor representative of the Halesite Fire Department's high standards of personal conduct.

The Role of the Advisor

  • A panel of adult Advisors, appointed by the Chief, will oversee the Juniors program. The Advisors will be members of the Halesite Fire Department and/or Rescue Squad. All Advisors must complete mandatory training as dictated by the Halesite Fire Department, renew that training every two years, and are subject to a background/criminal investigation. At least two Advisors will be present at all Juniors functions at all times.
  • The Advisors will mentor and coach the Juniors. They will be present at any organized meeting of the Juniors and will conduct training drills and accompany Juniors on field trips. They are responsible for the safety of the Junior Firefighters.

What skills will the Junior Firefighter learn?

Basic Skills

  • Chain of Command - Juniors will gain knowledge of the command concept utilized in the fire Department and understand the role of the incident command position.
  • Fire Apparatus - the different types of trucks and their specific functions.
  • Hand Tools - introduction to the unique hand tools used on the fireground (i.e. halligans, axes, mauls, etc.) and procedures for replacing and cleaning after use.
  • Fire Prevention and Safety - the importance of exit plans, pre-plans and the common causes and prevention of fires.
  • Firehouse Safety - how to safely mount and dismount apparatus.
  • Portable Extinguishers - inspection, application, and operation of various types of fire extinguishers.
  • Ropes and Knots - Juniors will learn the various knots and procedures used to raise or secure equipment.
  • Fire Behavior - the study and understanding of heat, combustion and fuel. Also, the understanding of how fire and smoke travel through a structure.
  • First Aid - under EMT supervision, Juniors will learn basic first aid, including CPR, use of the AED, and emergency bandaging.
  • Fire Ground Communications - proper protocols for use of radios and signals used.
  • Physical Fitness & Nutrition Awareness - Juniors will learn about the physical demands of the fire service and the importance of eating right and staying physically fit. Demonstrations will be given on exercise techniques for the fire service.

Advanced Skills

  • Ladders - the ability to use ground ladders safely, including raising, extension, climbing and determining stability.
  • Hydrant Operations - how to safely hook up to a hydrant and get water to a pumper.
  • Hose & Nozzle Operations - including stretching, advancing and packing hose lines.
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) - Juniors will learn about the air packs firefighters wear in smoke filled environments.
  • Search & Rescue - proper use of thermal imaging camera, communications, tools, and hose operations during a search.
  • Forcible Entry - the types of tools used for forcible entry, methods used and when forcible entry is necessary.
  • Ventilation - vertical, horizontal, hydraulic and mechanical ventilation techniques and tools.
  • Automobile Extrication - stabilization, victim removal and safety concerns.

What activities will the Juniors become involved with?

  • Drills - Hands-on experience with tools and apparatus used in firefighting and rescue.
  • Fundraising - Juniors will be encouraged to raise funds for program purposes such as field trips, clothing purchases and donations to community causes. Examples include car washes, pancake breakfasts, raffles, etc.
  • Field Trips - Juniors will have the opportunity to visit FDNY fire houses in New York City, neighboring fire houses and ambulance squads, fire museums on Long Island, in New York City, and other destinations.
  • Leadership Seminars - Juniors will hear from guest speakers who are leaders in their field. Workshops will be held to train Juniors in the basics of leadership.
  • Team Building - Juniors will be encouraged to plan and participate in fun team building activities like laser tag, miniature golf, bowling, organized runs (i.e. 5k), etc.
  • Annual Banquet - Juniors will plan and conduct an annual banquet where Juniors will be recognized for their accomplishments and stand for their annual inspection. This will be open to all family members of Junior Firefighters and program Advisors.
  • Parades - Juniors will march with the Halesite Fire Department in the annual St. Patrick's Day and Memorial Day parades. They will also be able to ride on fire apparatus during the annual Holiday Parade in Huntington village.
  • Memorial Day Ceremony - Juniors will be invited to join Halesite firefighters in the annual Memorial Day gravesite visitations where flags are placed at the graves of former members. Also that weekend, Juniors and their parents are invited to join members of the Halesite Fire Department at its annual Memorial Day services and BBQ immediately following the parade in Huntington Village.
  • Blood Drive - Juniors will be invited to assist the Ladies Auxiliary in the Department's blood drives in January and August of each year.
  • Drill Team - There is an active Junior Firefighter drill team circuit in the Township including a competition held each year at the Greenlawn Fire Department. Halesite's Juniors are encouraged to field a team and compete.
  • Disaster Drills - Juniors will be able to assist in Townwide disaster drills serving as victims for Mass Casualty Incident training.
  • Fire Prevention Open House - Juniors will be able to participate in the Halesite Fire Department's annual Fire Prevention Open House by hosting a Fire Prevention table.
  • Annual Kids Picnic - Juniors will be able to help organize and run the Department's annual kids picnic for members' children.
  • Holiday Decorations - Juniors will be able to assist the Department's members in decorating fire headquarters for the holidays.
  • Christmas Tree Sale & Children's Holiday Party - Juniors will be invited to help sell Christmas trees and participate in the Department's annual Children's Holiday Party in early December.

For more information, contact Halesite Fire Department's Junior Firefighter Coordinator at or by calling 631-427-1910. An application for membership can be downloaded here. Click here for a copy of the Junior Firefighter By-Laws and here for the Program Guide.




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