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Haleiste Fire Department Holds its 111th Annual Inspection Dinner

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Halesite Fire Department held its 111th Annual Inspection Dinner on May 5th at The Harbor Club. Approximately 120 members, family, friends and dignitaries were on hand to watch and celebrate the Department's new Officers as well as award recipients for the 2011 year.

In his prepared remarks for the evening, Chief Andy Magerle thanked the membership for their dedication and sacrfice in serving the community. "Everyone's lives are extremely busy and complicated, yet no matter how hectic things get, we find time to volunteer our services" Chief Magerle said. He added "The one thing that hasn't changed over the years here at Halesite is the devotion and drive it takes to be a volunteer firefighter. Thank you for your unrelenting service to the department."

Ex-Chief Dennis Magerle served as emcee for the evening's ceremony, during which, the following people were sworn into office by Commissioner Vincent Capobianco:

Andy Magerle, Chief
Dan McConnell, 1st Assistant Chief
Greg Colonna, 2nd Assistant Chief

Dennis Magerle, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Kate Kuntz, Assistant Secretary
Robert Wenk, Sergeant-at-Arms
Nick Berghela, Chaplain

Ex-Chief Tom Holly, Captain, Hose Rescue Company
Hugh O'Brien, Lieutenant, Hose Rescue Company

Dom Spada, Captain, Engine Company
Ex-Chief Mike Magerle, Lieutenant, Engine Company

Jamie Magerle, Captain, Hook & Ladder Company
Erik Weber, Lieutenant, Hook & Ladder Company

Keith Freda, Captain, Rescue Squad
Kate Kuntz, 1st Lieutenant, Rescue Squad
Joe Grant, 2nd Lieutenant, Rescue Squad

In his blessing prior to the meal, Chaplain Berghela paid tribute to Ex-Chief and 73-year member John "Butch" Newell, Jr. who passed away just two weeks earlier.

In addition to announcing recipients of The President's Volunteer Service Award given out at the May Department Meeting, 1st Assistant Chief Dan McConnell read aloud those members who responded to 100 or more fire and rescue calls during 2011.

For response to 100 or more fire alarms the following people were recognized: Dennis Magerle, Roger Ketcham, Dennis Troup, Andy Magerle, Dan McConnell, Craig Lanigan, John Cannon, Greg Colonna, Bob Wenk, Frank Stalzer, Kevin Kelly and Mike Conforti.

Those who responded to 100 or more rescue calls in 2011 were Roger Ketcham, Dennis Magerle, Doug Anthonson, Dennis Troup, John Blanda, Dan McConnell, John Cannon, Bob Waring, Jerry Conway, Craig Lanigan, Frank Stalzer, Kate Kuntz and Bob Wenk.

1st Assistant Chief McConnell also recognized Silver Award winners for 2011. They were Mike Conforti, Kevin Kelly, Vincent Capobianco, Kate Kuntz, Greg Colonna, Dan McConnell and Andy Magerle. There were no Gold Award winners for 2011.

Some of the dinner's most memorable moments were the awards for Firefighter, Rescue Person and Rookie of the Year. These were won by Frank Stalzer, Hank Waldron and Mike Conforti respectively for their work in 2011.

Other honorees during the evening were outgoing Captain of the Engine Company, Bill Eletto, outgoing Captain of the Hose Rescue Company, Chris Chuisano, and former Engine Company member Mike Colonna, who moved Out-of-District and joined Huntington Manor FD.

Several presentations were made by visiting dignitaries. Members heard praise for their efforts from NY State Senator Carl Marcellino, Suffolk County Legislator Spencer, NY State Assemblyman Raia, Town Clerk Raia, and Town Board Member Cuthbertson.

The evening concluded with a dinner dance sponsored by the Halesite Fire District.

Photographed above at right are Halesite Fire Department's Officer's for 2012. From Left to right they are (seated) Ex-Chief and Hose Rescue Company Captain Tom Holly, 2nd Assistant Chief Greg Colonna, Chief of Department Andy Magerle, 1st Assistant Chief Dan McConnell, Ex-Chief and Engine Company Lieutenant Mike Magerle, (standing) Rescue Squad 2nd Lieutenant Joe Grant, Hose Rescue Company Lieutenant Hugh O'Brien, Hook & Ladder Company Captain Jamie Magerle, Hook & Ladder Company Lieutenant Erik Weber, Engine Company Captain Dom Spada, Rescue Squad Captain Keith Freda, Rescue Squad 1st Lieutenant Kate Kuntz.




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