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2012 Fire Prevention Open House is Wet, but Fun

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Halesite Fire Department's 2012 Fire Prevention Open House was somewhat soggy but a success nonetheless. Members from all around the community visited Halesite's fire headquarters to meet our volunteers and see numerous safety demonstrations first-hand.

Ex-Chief Tom Holly walked the public through the anatomy of a heavy rescue alarm. He explained step-by-step what firefighters and rescue members do to safely extricate injured motorists from mangled cars. He also ran a separate table that showed videos of how dangerous (and fast) fire can spread, highlighting the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in saving lives.

Ex-Chief Mike Magerle worked the Smokehouse. Graciously loaned to Halesite by the Huntington Fire Department, the Smokehouse is a perennial favorite. It is one of the most effective tools to educate young people and adults alike. With simulated smoke pumping throughout the rooms, children are taught about the importance of staying low to the ground and two ways out. They are also taught to "Stop, Drop and Roll" if they are ever on fire as well as the most common causes of fire in residences. Mike kept the smoke pumping to the point that an exhaust fan had to be deployed to avoid the fire department's own smoke alarms from sounding.

Many of Halesite's new members helped out too. Thanks to Alex Niedziela for working the logistics on getting the Smokehouse on to Halesite's truck room floor. Carolyn Corkett did a superb job assembling a table top display the showcased "Halesite by the Numbers" and interesting photos from the department collected over the years. Braid Gaito helped run the fire extinguisher station where kids used real water cans to safely extinguish actual fire.

Halesite's Ladies Auxiliary handled the refreshments once again this year. Led by President Karen Wenk, there was apple cider, Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, popcorn and apple slices for all to enjoy.

Halesite's Open House was led by Hook & Ladder Lieutenant Erik Weber. Many members provided much needed support including Jesse Sammis, Hugh O'Brien, Joe Grant, Tom Scheff, Mike Conforti, KC Anna, Bob Kocis, Steve Lapp, Kevin kelly, Evan Meyer, Keith Freda, Roger Ketcham, Doug Anthonsen, Dom Spada, Ex-Chiefs Frank Grasso and Dennis Magerle, and Assistant Chiefs Greg Colonna and Dan McConnell.

A local resdient is pictured above practicing how to use a water can to extinshuish a small fire.




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