As a volunteer, the reward is using your years of training to help a neighbor or save a life.
Mike Magerle
Ex-Chief, Engine Co.


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Chief's Message to Residents: Safety Tips for After the Blizzard

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dear Neighbors,

Yesterday's blizzard reminds us to be vigilant about safety in the days and weeks to come:

* Please operate generators safety. They should not be run inside your home because doing so may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and even death.

* Please avoid running your car inside your garage for too long as it too can emit poisonous fumes which can travel through the building.

* Avoid using candles in rooms where you are not present. If you do use candles, always keep open flames away from curtains, clothing and anything else that can catch fire.

* Be careful with space heaters. Avoid leaving them unattended and be sure to keep them away from sofas, beds, curtains, magazines and anything that might catch fire.

* Be careful of downed trees. They may be entangled with wires which can electrocute you. Limbs may fall several days after the blizzard as the weight of snow and ice can bring them down.

* Take rests frequently when you are shoveling snow. If you feel weak or begin having chest pains, don't hesitate to call 9-1-1.

* Watch out for ice. Black ice on the road surface can make even the largest vehicle with four wheel drive skid and possibly crash. Salt and sand liberally around entrances to your home, office and car.

* Maintain safe speeds and driving distances during the icy weather - also be on the lookout for fallen trees and limbs that may be newly blocking roadways you regularly drive.

* Avoid long term exposure to the cold weather. Cover skin from the elements to avoid frostbite.

* Follow the advice of local authorities. When they say to keep off the roads, do your best to comply as this is intended to keep you safe and avoid the trouble and hassle of an emergency.

* Please be sure to dig out your fire hydrants. The fire department has tall markers on all hydrants, so they should be visible despite the piles of snow. You can save us valuable time by digging out your local - this can be the difference between a fire quickly extinguished and disaster.

Please share these tips with your friends and family so they can keep them top of mind too.


Dan McConnell
Chief of Department

Photo Credit: Halesite Fire Department




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