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Letter from the Chief-Boating Safety Tips

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dear Neighbors,

Summer's here and Huntington Harbor and the surrounding waters become a boater's playground. Whether you cruise on an 80 foot Bertram or an 8 foot kayak, many of the same safety principles apply.

Keep these important tips from the United States Coast Guard in mind and have a safe boating summer:

. Don't overload your boat. Every boat has a weight limit and maximum number of persons. If you exceed the limits, you risk swamping your boat.
. Always check the weather BEFORE leaving the dock.
. File a float plan with someone who's not coming with you. Even if you're just going out in your kayak for a few hours, let someone know where you plan to go and approximately when you'll return. Be sure to reconnect with whomever you filed your float plan to let them know you're back.
. Don't drink and drive. The rules for DUI and DWI on the water are similar to those for cars.
. Don't go out at night unless your boat is properly equipped with lights. If it's a larger vessel, you'll also want navigation equipment.
. All boats over 16 feet are required to have:
o An anchor and line
o Navigation lights
o A first aid kit
o Signaling devices (both sound and visual)
o A fire extinguisher
o A throwable floatation device
o One USCG approved life jacket for each person on board
. Remember that adult life jackets will not work for children. They need a properly sized device to keep their heads out of the water.
. If you encounter a life-threatening emergency while on the water, use a VHF radio and call for a MAYDAY on channel 16. If you do not have a VHF radio, use your cell phone and call 911. In either case, be sure to give your name, the name of your vessel, the trouble you're having, your location, how many people are on board and a description of the help you need.
. Finally, when fueling a boat:
o Make sure the vessel is properly secured to the dock.
o Make sure the engine is OFF.
o Make sure no one is smoking and that all electronic devices are off.
o All passengers should step off the boat onto the dock.
o Make sure the nozzle of the gas hose line makes contact with the metal neck of your intake line.
o If you have an inboard or I/O, make sure you ventilate the bilge area for at least four minutes before restarting the engine.

Stay Safe!
Dan McConnell
Chief of Department




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