I joined to help my neighbors and that's exactly what we do. We are the people our neighbors look to in the worst situations, because they know we will always be there.
Kate Kuntz
Department Secretary,
Hook & Ladder Co.


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Changing of the Guard at Halesite Fire District

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The fresh look of the Halesite Fire House
New District Manager Larry Northcote and former District Manager and Ex-Chief Walter Sammis
You might notice a new look as you drive past the front of the Halesite fire house. The truck bay doors have been painted a bright red. But the real change has occurred on the inside.

Walter Sammis, who has been a volunteer fireman, EMT, Lieutenant, Captain and Chief over the last fifty-one years, has retired from his post as District Manager, the position he's held for the last sixteen years. District Manager is the person who is responsible for the fire house itself and all the apparatus and equipment. This is the person who keeps everything running smoothly. During Walter's time in the job, he was involved in the purchase of new trucks, computers, communication equipment safety devices and training equipment. As with other things, much has changed since 1998.

Before taking on his role as District Manager Walter served as a dispatcher, worked in his family's business and served as a medic in the US Army . He comes from a family accustomed to community service; his father also served as Chief at Halesite and his grandfather was a Chief of the Huntington Fire Department.

In June 2014 Walter handed the keys over to our new District Manager, Larry Northcote. Larry has been a volunteer in the department for twenty-six years, serving as a Lieutenant and Captain in the Hook and Ladder Company. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and was elected Commissioner for ten years.

According to John Cannon, Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners in Halesite, "The organizational skills Larry developed during his thirty-five years in the airline freight business combined with his firefighting experience, give him the managerial experience the District needed to keep our house running smoothly."

Chairman Cannon added that, "The Halesite Fire Department thanks Walter for his dedication and service to the District over the past sixteen years. We wish him well in his retirement and welcome Larry to his new role".




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