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Peter C. Magerle Named Eagle Scout

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Halesite Fire Department's 9/11 Memorial created by new Member and Troup #12 Eagle Scout Peter C. Magerle.
Plaque commemorating Halesite's new 9/11 Memorial.
Eagle Scout and Halesite Firefighter Peter Magerle poses with his parents, Pete and Heidi Magerle along with Councilman Eugene Cook and Halesite Chief Dan McConnell.
The Halesite Fire Department is pleased to annouce that Peter C. Magerle has attained the rank of Eagle Scout.

An Eagle Court of Honor was held on Saturday, May 30, 2015, at the United Methodist Church in Huntington, the headquarters for Troup # 12 where Pete is a member. There, Pete was elevated to the highest level of Scouting in the presence of friends, family, fellow Scouts and dignitaries.

Town Councilman Eugene Cook was on hand to represent the Town of Huntington. Also present was Chief Dan McConnell of the Halesite Fire Department. Councilman Cook presented Peter with a Proclamation from the Town commending him on his very rare accomplishment.

Chief Dan McConnell read a letter he wrote on behalf of the Halesite Fire Department. The letter congratuated Peter on his accomplishment and also thanked him for choosing Halesite as the place for his Eagle Scout project.

Chief McConnell went on to describe how Pete set out to establish a September 11, 2001 Memorial on the property of the Halesite Fire Department. He said:

"Peter's Eagle Scout project has helped Halesite pay tribute to those who were lost on 9/11. As you no doubt know, he took a length of World Trade Center steel one of our members had obtained from The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and led a team that turned it into a monument. He arranged to have the steel suitably mounted and then he cleared a 10 x 10 area on our property to serve as the location of our 9/11 Memorial. In doing so, Peter added an important feature to the landscape of our property and has given the community a place to go, nearby, to pay respects to those who have fallen."

Chief McConnell added, "Taking the steel we had from a box in the back of our truck room floor to where it is on display today was no easy task. Peter needed approvals from key individuals within our organization. He also needed to present his proposal to Halesite's Board of Fire Commissioners, Board of Trustees as well as to our membership. Peter obtained all of the approvals needed to implement his proposal and broke ground on November 15, 2014. I know that he personally put in 50 hours of work and had additional hours contributed by volunteers he organized. He raised funds to defray the cost of the work and negotiated with local businesses to make sure these funds went far."

Chief McConnell recalled for those assembled a conversation he had with Peter when he had approached the Fire Departmetn with his 9/11 Memorial proposal. "When I asked Peter why he chose this project," McConnell recalled, "he told me that 'the magnitude of what the project represents made it personally stand out for me'. It's clear from his response that Peter understood the importance of not just completing this project, but doing it in a tasteful way that will reflect favorably on the Halesite Fire Department and our community for years to come. It's clear to me, having seen the finished product, that Peter did a tremendous job executing on his plan. In my view, Peter would not have been successful if he did not exhibit the characteristics set forth by The Scout Law."

It is fitting that Peter chose Halesite as the place for his Eagle Scout Project. He hails from one of the longstanding firefighting families in Halesite. His Grandfather, Peter H. Magerle was Chief of the Halesite Fire Departmetn from 1975 - 1977. His father, Peter E. Magerle, was Chief of the Halesite Fire Department from 1990 - 1992, his Uncle, Andy Magerle, was Chief from 2010 - 2012. Pete's sister, Casey, is a member as is his Uncle, Jamie, who is currently Halesite's 2nd Assistant Chief. Peter's mother, Heidi Vogel Magerle, is a member of the Huntington Community First Aid Squad.

Members of the Halesite Fire Department were on hand this past Memorial Day when the new 9/11 Memorial was opened. Members, in their Class A uniform, along with Ladies Auxiliary, Junior Firefighters and family members, were all on hand to pay respect to those lost defending our country as well as those lost on September 11, 2001.

In a fitting turn of events for Halesite, Peter joined the Department in February of 2015, continuing an impressive tradition of service to the community.

Chief McConnell wishes to express personal thanks to Ex-Chief and FDNY Lieutenant Mark Blanda for securing a piece of World Trade Center Steel used in Halesite's 9/11 Memorial. Without his contribution, this moment would not be possible. Thanks also to Firefighter Jerry Conway for his time and expertise in assisting with the project.




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