The fire service can be challenging, as well as rewarding. I believe that no matter how long you are a member (and I have been a member since 1968), you can never say, "I have seen it all!" While many alarms are routine, eventually you use your training and skills to cope with a situation that you have not encountered before.
Roger Ketcham
Department Treasurer,
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Halesite FD Dedicates New 9/11 Memorial

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chief McConnell and Ex-Chief and FDNY Captain Tom Holly place wreaths at Halesite's new 9/11 Memorial.
Halesite FD Junior Firefighters join with Firefighters from Halesite and Cold Spring Harbor arond Halesite FD's new 9/11 Memorial.
The Halesite Fire Department paid tribute to those lost on 9/11/01 during a ceremony at fire headquarters this past Friday. This year Halesite dedicated its newly created 9/11 Memorial that was created and built by new member Peter C. Magerle. The memorial was Peter's Eagle Scout Project.

Although Peter was unable to attend the ceremony because he's now a Freshman at Ohio State University, there were approximately 50 people in attendance on Friday, 9/11/15. Half of the group were firefighters from Halesite FD and Cold Spring Harbor FD. The rest were made up of Boy Scouts from Troup 12, the Troup that Peter Magerle calls home. Troup 12 provided a Color Guard for the event. Members of the Halesite community made up the rest of the attendees.

During the event, Chief of Department, Daniel P. McConnell, and Ex-Chief Paul T. Holly placed two wreaths on either side of the WTC steel in homage to the Twin Towers. Chief Holly is a Captain in the FDNY and was Chief of Department in Halesite on 9/11/2001.

Chief McConnell and Department Chaplain Nick Berghela spoke at the event.

Chief McConnell said, "Tonight we remember those lost on September 11, 2001 and dedicate our new 9/11 Memorial to those from the Halesite Fire District who were lost that day. For those of us around on 9/11/2001, the feelings of sorrow, grief and loss remain just below the surface of our everyday work. Indeed, coping with the sorrow, grief and loss from 9/11 has become part of our everyday work. We don't remember those lost on just one day each year, but rather we remember them every day of the year since then."

Following the twilight ceremony invited guests met on Halesite FD's truck room floor for light refreshments and rememberance.




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